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RAMJO Councils collaborating effectively through strategic planning, priority setting, advocating, engaging with Governments and key stakeholders, so as to facilitate infrastructure development and ensure the long term sustainability, wellbeing and liveability of the region’s communities”


  • be owned by and accountable to the Member Councils;
  • not impose significant red tape cost or risks on Member Councils;
  • ensure that benefits delivered for the region outweigh any costs and risks;
  • work collaboratively with other levels of government, other partners and stakeholders;
  • enable significant projects and initiatives, with associated funding and assets, to be managed regionally, where doing so is consistent with the shared vision for the region;
  • ensure good governance;
  • serve the best interests of the region and communities.
Berrigan Shire River


  • Communication: We are honest, transparent, clear, robust, respectful and timely with our communication
  • Authentic: We harness our diversity and work to our strengths by inviting and respecting our unique perspectives, talents and feedback
  • Cohesive: We are committed to reaching our common goals together, so we speak with one voice on regional issues
  • Evidence based: Our decisions are based on evidence and are aligned with local, regional and state strategies and policies
  • Reliable: We trust each other to be consistently reliable
  • Vision: We focus our attention on the big picture and challenge and support each other to be visionary and innovative in our thinking
Federation Crop

Governing Board

The Board of RAMJO consists of:-

  • The Mayors of each Member Council
  • Any additional voting representatives of the Member Councils
  • A representative of the NSW Government, nominated by the Secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, who is the Regional Director for the Riverina Murray region (a non-voting representative)
  • The General Managers of the Member Councils (non-voting representatives)

The role of the Board is to direct and control the affairs of the Joint Organisation. The Board consults with the Executive Officer in directing and controlling the affairs of the Joint Organisation.

Federation Farming


The Chairperson is elected for a two year term by the voting representatives of the Board, from one of the Mayoral representatives.        

The Chairperson is the Joint Organisation’s spokesperson on strategic matters and leads and represents RAMJO at delegations, regional forums and meetings.        

In the absence of the Chairperson at a Board meeting, a person elected by the representatives at the meeting of the Board presides at the meeting. 

The Chairperson or other person presiding at the meeting is responsible for the conduct of the meeting, but does not have a casting vote.

Hay Cotton

Executive Officer

The Executive Officer is appointed by the Board and carries out the day to day operations of RAMJO in accordance with the Local Government Act and Regulations and the policies and directions of the Board and Chairperson.

Hay Cotton 2
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