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Governing Board

The role of the Board is to direct and control the affairs of the Joint Organisation. The Board consults with the Executive Officer in directing and controlling the affairs of the Joint Organisation.

The RAMJO Board comprises the Mayors of the Member Councils (the voting members), as well as the Riverina Murray Regional Director of Premier and Cabinet (a non-voting member) and the General Managers of the Member Councils (also non-voting members). The Board is supported by an Executive Officer.

Board Members

Cr. Kevin Mack Albury City SQ

Cr Kevin Mack - Chairperson

Cr. Matthew Hannan Berrigan Shire Council SQ

Cr Matthew Hannan

Cr. Darryl Jardine Carrathool Shire Council SQ

Cr Darryl Jardine

Cr. Norm Brennan Edward River Council SQ

Cr Norm Brennan

Cr. Patrick Bourke SQ

Cr Patrick Bourke

Cr. John Dal Broi SQ

Cr John Dal Broi - Deputy Chairperson

Cr. Bill Sheaffe Hay Shire Council SQ

Cr Bill Sheaffe

Cr. Paul Maytom Leeton Shire Council SQ

Cr Paul Maytom

Cr. Chris Bilkey Murray River Council SQ

Cr Chris Bilkey

Cr. Ruth McRae Murrumbidgee Council SQ

Cr Ruth McRae

Cr. Neville Kschenka SQ

Cr Neville Kschenka

Ramjo Square


The current Board members are:

Albury CityMayor – Cr Kevin Mack (Chairperson)
Berrigan Shire Mayor – Cr Matthew Hannan
Carrathool Shire Mayor – Cr Darryl Jardine
Edward River CouncilMayor – Cr Norm Brennan
Federation Council Mayor – Cr Patrick Bourke
Griffith CityMayor – Cr John Dal Broi (Deputy Chairperson)
Hay ShireMayor – Cr Bill Sheaffe
Leeton ShireMayor – Cr Paul Maytom
Murray River CouncilMayor – Cr Chris Bilkey
Murrumbidgee CouncilMayor – Cr Ruth McRae
Narrandera ShireMayor – Cr Neville Kschenka

The non-voting members are:

Albury City – General Manager – Frank Zaknich
Berrigan Shire – General Manager – Rowan Perkins
Carrathool Shire – General Manager – Rick Warren
Edward River Council – General Manager –
Federation Council – General Manager – Adrian Butler
Griffith City – General Manager – Brett Stonestreet

Hay Shire – General Manager – David Webb
Leeton Shire – General Manager – Jackie Kruger
Murray River Council – General Manager – Des Bilske
Murrumbidgee Council – General Manager – John Scarce
Narrandera Shire – General Manager – George Cowan
Department of Premier and Cabinet – James Bolton – Regional Director Riverina Murray


The Chairperson is elected for a two year term by the voting representatives of the Board, from one of the Mayoral representatives. The Chairperson is the Joint Organisation’s spokesperson on strategic matters and leads and represents RAMJO at delegations, regional forums and meetings. In the absence of the Chairperson at a Board meeting, a person elected by the representatives at the meeting of the Board presides at the meeting. The Chairperson or other person presiding at the meeting is responsible for the conduct of the meeting, but does not have a casting vote.

Executive Officer

The Executive Officer is appointed by the Board and carries out the day to day operations of RAMJO in accordance with the Local Government Act and Regulations and the policies and directions of the Board and Chairperson.

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