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Regional Freight Transport Plan

Transport connectivity is a key driver of economic and social wellbeing and incorporates two key areas that need addressing; freight and public transport.

Some of the issues for freight transport in the region include;

  • Road - Whilst well connected with major highway corridors, many of the local roads that link to the highway corridors or major freight intermodals are unsealed or subject to constraints and do not meet permit standards for B-Double, B-Triple or other higher mass vehicles i.e. the last leg of the supply chain (or first leg as it is from farm gate) is compromised.
  • Air – Limited scheduling, limited loads, expensive and difficult to access. 
  • Rail – Single track configurations limit freight transport and cause blockages. Inflexible scheduling.
  • Interchanges - Lack of freight and logistics interchanges that enable transitions of loads between large and small trucks.
  • Councils have large maintenance backlogs for basic infrastructure and are challenged to fund and attract contractors to complete necessary works.

Riverina and Murray Joint Organisation (RAMJO) has developed a Regional Freight Transport Plan detailing a long list of road constraints and necessary freight infrastructure projects. 

Public transport issues are diverse across our RAMJO area. Some communities have a complete lack of public transport while others have varying degrees of access and issues with schedule connections. A regional public transport strategy would specifically address the needs of our ageing population, young people, people with disabilities, backpacker/ itinerant workers, those on low incomes and visitors. It would seek to improve connections between our towns and villages as well as to capital cities and consider technology and innovative service models.

Our goals To Make A Difference To Transport Connectivity


RAMJO will achieve:

  • Shared Strategies and shared Implementation and Resourcing Plans (I&R Plans) for Freight Transport Connectivity and Public Transport Connectivity in the region.
  • Increased funding and action for priority transport infrastructure within the region
  • More efficient point to point freight transport enabling improved economic growth Increased liveability within our smaller communities with increased access to education, employment and health services etc
  • Reduced transport injuries and fatalities – toward zero


Download the Regional Freight Transport Plan here: 

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